Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sara's Answers

Hi Matt,

I will answer the questions below in red.
As soon as I hear back from the bids I’m waiting for I will let you know.
Sorry for the mistakes.



A couple things:

11.1 I assume that the "stairs" adder include removing the carpeting.  What would installing new carpeting cost? I am waiting for a bid from the carpet place.

11.1.  I am having a hard time getting my head around $5k for two closets.  What other options do we have? I know. I understand. I have 2 other options.
1. We could do no painting in closet and just add in a shelf and a pole. $2565
2. We could just take out the painting for the closet. $3100

11.1 AC.  I assume that the electrical all was adequate?  I am so sorry I totally missed the electric part. I’m so glad you caught that. I have a bid request into the electrical people.

You were right about the cost of the stairs and hall floors - not that expensive.

9.1, third bullet point should reference the 7 windows, not 6 done

8.1 Let's discuss the hardware.  I don't recall what it looks like, but we may want to replace it. We can add a hardware allowance of $40. The hardware there is often seen in old houses. It is hard to find and thought maybe you might want to keep it.

7.1.  I assume that includes removing any miscellaneous carpet remnants, tacks, etc. yes

Laurie and I will discuss over the weekend.  Looking forward to hearing back from you.


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