Friday, June 12, 2015

It's Official: Project On!

We signed the contract and put a down payment with Sazama LLC!  (pronounced “Saz-ma.”)
On Monday Sara, our designer, or Rhonda, the production assistant, will come over with the window guy to measure the windows and get them ordered.  The windows will be the critical path and could take up to six weeks to arrive, but probably not.  We’ll know that sometime mid week.  They’ll also install blinds on all seven windows.
First item will be electrical followed by windows and dry wall.  Floors are last.
In addition to the two bedrooms we will also  have the stairs, landing, and hall refinished and a new runner installed on the stairs only.  We’ll buy a runner for the hall on our own.
We decided not to do the air conditioning.  That would be an additional $13K, and it’s just not in the 2015 capital budget.  But that will be an easy stand alone project when and if we decide to do it.
The closets are still undecided.  We’ll probably end up with something fancy in our bedroom like a couple sets of shelves and three poles, paint, refinish the floors, and a new light fixture.  The geometry in there is a little complicated because of the roof line, but it will work out.
The guest bedroom (we’ll need to come up with a new name for it.  The “boy’s room” doesn’t work anymore and the “guest bedroom” sounds too cold) will be something simpler.  We’ll eventually take some of that closet and make it part of the one in Laurie’s dressing room, so we can’t get too carried away  TBD.
I’ll take the official “before” pictures this weekend.
I’m not looking forward to the process, especially clearing everything out of those rooms.  We’ll take Uncle Milty’s bed out of Heather’s room and move the double bed in there for us to sleep.  That will be strange.

The whole project should take 6 weeks.

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