Wednesday, July 1, 2015

On Schedule

We met with Sazama last week to go over colors, hardware, and closets.  The windows are still on the critical path, and we needed to determine what hardware to choose.   In order to do that we needed to choose the room colors.

Sara came over with their main color guy, Tom, and we picked out the color for both rooms and the trim in each (don't ask me what they are - that's Laurie's department).

Sara also was back last Thursday with the electrician and was over today to check on some more window stuff.

We have a tentative plan for moving things out of the bedrooms.  I think we'll take the chests of drawers out of the master bedroom and move them downstairs.  The furniture in the guest bedroom will go into Laurie's dressing room.  Our bed will go there, too.  The guest bed will go into the addition and we'll sleep in there.

Laurie is taking this week off to purge stuff from our closets.

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