Thursday, July 23, 2015

Last Night

Tonight will be the last night sleeping in our bedroom before the renovation takes place.

We've done pretty well with our depopulation plan.  The guest bedroom is completely empty.  Tonight we will move the second chest of drawers out of our master bedroom.  Tomorrow Laurie will take the remaining clothes out of the closet and the built in drawers, and we'll bring down the lamps and the end tables.

That will leave only the bed.  We will do that on Sunday when we get back from Up North,  The double bed is already set up in the East room for us to sleep starting Sunday night.

There are a few miscellaneous odd and ends to relocate, but we're in pretty good shape.  I'll get final "before" pictures Monday evening.

Because of the timing of the sanding and staining of the hardwood floors, we may lose access to our shower for a day, maybe two.  Laurie is none too keen on that, but we have lived through much worse.

Overall, this looks like it will be pretty easy.

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