Thursday, May 28, 2015

Initial Contract Review

We met with our contractor yesterday to review the proposed contract.  There were a number of changes we needed to make, mostly for things that were excluded:
  • Repair of both bedroom doors
  • Plan for the closets
  • Ceiling fans in both rooms
  • Correcting the number of radiators involved from 4 to 3
  • Replacing the built in drawers in the Master Bedroom
Additionally, we wanted her to price out two things for us:
·         Installing an air conditioning unit in the attic that would feed the bedrooms.  I don’t think that will be too expensive, and I know that we’ll regret it if we don’t do it now.
  • Removing and refinishing the carpet in the hallway.  This will get done sometime.  It just depends on when it makes the most sense, now, or when we do the next phase.
There is some question regarding what type of windows we should get.  If we change the outside windows, we may need to go through the Wauwatosa Design & Review board because it will change the front of the house.  The back windows won’t be an issue.  She will check with the City.

She will contact the appropriate subcontractors and should have an updated cost Monday.  If all goes well, we’re looking at an early July start date and about five weeks to complete the whole thing.

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