Monday, April 27, 2015

No Decision Yet

It’s always good to not make a decision too quickly.
We really reflected on the cost of this project over the weekend.  Is it really worth using a general contractor or would it be better to manage it ourselves?  In general, GC’s do provide a valuable survive in moving projects along, and it is certainly easier to deal with just one person.  But that comes at a price.
I think we've ruled out the second firm we met with.  They were just two expensive for what we need.  They're bedrooms, not intensive care units, for crying out loud.
I exchanged emails Sara, the first contractor we met with.  They are still pricey, but much more in line with what we’re thinking.  Our next step will be for them to walk through with subcontractors to get a firm estimate.
That’s assuming we decide not to coordinate the project ourselves.

This indecision has stretched out our timeline..  We’re eager to get it done, but there is no urgency.  If it’s done by September I’ll be happy.

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