Saturday, April 25, 2015

Initial Meetings

We met with two contractors (independently) this week to discuss the Bedroom Project.
The process was the same with both.  We discussed the scope of the project, then showed them the downstairs areas we had already remodeled so that they could get a sense of what we like.
We went through each bedroom and discussed what are envisioning, asking for their thoughts throughout.  In addition to the things already listed, we are considering:
  • Master bedroom -- most work here.  Closet makeover, built in drawers enhanced
  • Dressing room – closet remodel, remove carpet & finish hardwood
  • Guest room – closet remodel, cabinet rework
  • Heather’s room – complete redo, maybe including a balcony.
  • Hall & Stairs – remove/replace carpet, refinish as needed.

Both of the designers were nice and seemed thoughtful, with pretty good ideas.  They both indicated hat my proposed budget was not adequate.  Both figured that they could start work at the end of June.  That timeline works for us.
The first personsaid that she would start working on the plan and if it got way beyond what I was proposing, she give me a call to revise the scope. Hopefully I’ll hear something from her in the next couple of days.
The second guy said outright that I was way off.  We discuss the project in more specific detail and discussed trimming the scope to just the Master and Guest bedrooms.  He gave us a number that he figured would be good within 10% either way.
He had a pretty good grasp of the process, but he also was higher pressure.  He wanted us to sign a contract and put some skin in the game ($2,500) right away.
I suppose we should talk with a third contractor.  You know what they say about a man with two watches.

We will discuss the whole thing tonight over dinner, and answer the big question:  Are we in?

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